Course Description

It is important that managers and supervisors working for Federal contractors who are covered by the new regulations on protected veterans and individuals with disabilities understand key issues and responsibilities. This briefing cuts through the "bureaucratese" and provides practical information which is easy to understand and which can be put to immediate use.

Participants will learn how to shape their employment practices so equal opportunity is provided, merit is maintained, stereotypes are avoided, and discrimination is prevented.

Even seasoned managers and supervisors will find this course to be of value because it will bring them up-to-speed on new requirements while reminding them of the tried-and-true practices of sound management.

This class was developed by Lou Rodarte in collaboration with Michael Wade, Lou is the resident expert on Affirmative Action and OFCCP compliance at Sanders Wade Rodarte Consulting Inc.

Management Consultant

Lou Rodarte

Lou Rodarte brings extensive and diverse knowledge of Human Resources issues to client projects; insight accumulated from over 30 years in that field with Qwest Communications (formerly US West) and Verizon Wireless. During his “pre-consultant” career, Lou specialized in most HR disciplines, including EEO, Affirmative Action, Diversity, Staffing, Recruiting, Labor Relations, Safety, and Employee Relations. In his capacity at Qwest Communications he had direct responsibility for agency interaction with the EEOC, multiple state government EEO offices and the NLRB. In his staffing and recruiting positions he was responsible for creating and managing hiring Blitzes for large numbers of hires or difficult to find technical hires across 13 states. Lou also created specialized veteran hiring programs to hire veterans directly off military bases. Given this background, it is not surprising that Lou is noted for his practical yet sensitive approach. He is effective at building trust with – and understanding the concerns of - all levels of the organization. Lou manages our Affirmative Action Plan preparation and compliance as well as related EEO and employee relations issues. Lou also coaches executives, managers, and employees on management issues.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction and Background

    • A Quick Technical Tip for Taking This Class

    • The Law, Your Role, and the Importance of Coordination

    • Meaning, Balancing, and Undue Hardship

    • Roy Kipling's Request

  • 2

    Undue Hardship, Essential Functions, and Your Role

    • Accommodation, Coordination, and Four Important Roles

  • 3

    Interviewing Considerations

    • Rules, Responses, and Focus

    • "Can you lift 30 pounds?"

  • 4

    Do the Regs Require Quotas?

    • Benchmarks and Utilization Goals

    • "I'm depressed"

  • 5

    Fight Stereotypes

    • Double Back Flips and Sloppy Thinking

    • Staff Meeting Remark

  • 6

    Hidden, Confidential, and Overlapping

    • Professionalism Requires Knowledge and Discretion

  • 7

    Your Role in Preventing Discrimination

    • Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Prevention

    • Points to Remember

    • Final Examination

  • 8

    The Summary

    • Your Responsibilities