Course Description

Part One of this comprehensive class contains a treasure chest of practical information for managers and supervisors. Communication, Trustworthiness, Motivation, Dealing with Difficult People, are among a multitude of topics addressed in a "street-smart" manner by an instructor who has assisted managers and supervisors throughout the nation.

You'll get advice on your role as a leader, Management By Wandering Around, listening skills, communication problems between departments, setting priorities with employees, encouraging openness, developing your employees, motivation and the concept of reward, inexpensive rewards, the Greatest Management Principle, the power of meaning, dealing with your boss and your peers (as well as with difficult employees), courage and coordination.

Imagine sitting down with a seasoned advisor and exploring the subjects you'll need to know in order to succeed. In Supervision - Part I, you'll find clear analysis, handy checklists, and savvy warnings. You'll find an extraordinary class which "gets to the point" by providing practical information which can be put to immediate use.

A Highly Experienced Instructor

Michael Wade

Michael Wade, a partner with Sanders Wade Rodarte Consulting Inc., knows the challenges faced by individuals at all levels of the workplace. He has been helping organizations with sensitive management issues for over 30 years and continues to coach executives, managers, and employees on how they can get from "very good" to "extraordinary." He has advised corporate executives, police and fire chiefs, city managers, Army generals, professional basketball players, and entry-level employees. Michael is an insightful, often humorous, and lively instructor who has conducted management workshops in 48 states and Puerto Rico. He holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Arizona College of Law and is the author of five books: The Bitter Issue: The Right to Work Law in Arizona; Leadership's Adversary: Winning the War between Leadership and Management; How to Make Presentations to Councils and Boards; All I Said Was: What Every Supervisor, Employee, and Team Should Know to Avoid Insults, Lawsuits, and the Six O'Clock News; and EEO Management: How to Advance Equal Opportunity without Using Quotas or Singing Kumbaya.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • What You Will Find Here

    • A Quick Technical Tip

  • 2

    The Many Roles of Managers and Supervisors

    • It's a Jungle Out There

  • 3


    • Elements of Communication

    • Management By Wandering Around

    • Listening Skills

    • Communication Problems between Departments

    • Setting Priorities with Employees

    • Some Special Communication Tools: SMEAC, 15-5 Reports, and Significant Action Reports

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • 4


    • Encourage Openness

    • Develop Your Employees

  • 5


    • The Concept of Reward

    • Inexpensive Rewards

    • The Greatest Management Principle?

    • The Power of Meaning

  • 6


    • Difficult Employees

    • Dealing with Your Boss and Your Peers

    • A Word about Courage and Coordination

    • Test Your Knowledge

    • A Few Additional Thoughts

    • Congratulations!

  • 7


    • Helpful Blogs and Web Sites

    • Books on Leadership, Management, and Supervision

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